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Premarital Agreements • Cohabitation Agreements • Post-Nuptials

The purpose of a premarital agreement or cohabitation agreement is to address issues of property ownership up front and avoid litigation should the relationship end. The law firm of Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, P.C. possesses the sophisticated knowledge to draft, review and enforce these documents for your legal protection and peace of mind.

Members of our firm literally wrote the book on premarital agreements, as our attorney's publications on this topic are used to train lawyers throughout Pennsylvania. Contact us today about creating or enforcing such an agreement. We represent clients throughout the Pittsburgh area, Allegheny County and surrounding Western Pennsylvania.

  • Premarital agreements make perfect sense if you are getting remarried or are entering your first marriage with considerably more assets than your future spouse. The document protects your premarital assets and can also address the division of assets, alimony, future acquisition of assets, with the intention of avoiding litigation should the relationship end. A premarital agreement also can protect a family business and preserve inheritance rights for children from the previous marriage.
  • Post-nuptial agreements can be drafted at any time after the marriage. Common scenarios include: protecting a business that one partner has built, providing for a child's education, dividing assets among couples who are not divorcing, and dividing retirement accounts if one spouse is retiring early.
  • Cohabitation agreements apply in non-marital situations with same-sex or opposite-sex couples who are living together but not legally married. These agreements can address, among other issues, assets and debts, shared expenses, titling of property, and provisions for a dissolution or death of a partner.

Premarital, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements are complex comprehensive contracts that must be carefully crafted in order to withstand a challenge in court. We have successfully challenged poorly written agreements drafted by others and successfully defended agreements that our firm constructed.

We sit down with clients to consider all the possibilities and life-changing events that might arise, whether you are initiating the prenup or you are considering signing one proposed by another party.

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