Dividing Complex And High-Value Assets

Placing a dollar value on a high-value asset, like an ownership interest in a private corporation or a retirement account, takes specialized skill and knowledge. In a divorce, you need the help of trusted professionals who can fairly divide and assess the value of your complex assets.

At Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, P.C., we leverage our resources and skills to guide our clients to a favorable division of property in divorce. Our attorneys have built a reputation for providing innovative solutions to property division and seeking valuations that accurately reflect a fair marital value.

Our Pittsburgh complex property division lawyers represent individuals, professionals and business owners in divorce. Contact our office online to set up a confidential appointment to discuss your divorce.

Working With Experts And Professionals

At our firm, we work closely with experts and professionals in order to assess the value of high-value assets and property interests in your divorce, including:

  • Business valuation experts — If you or your spouse has a professional practice, a partnership or an interest in a closely held corporation, a business valuation expert can help determine the value of the business interest.
  • Appraisers — We work with real estate appraisers and antique appraisers for a current market value of your home, vacation property, investment property and antiques.
  • Forensic accountants — A forensic accountant can help in uncovering hidden assets and accounts for a fair division of all marital property in your divorce.
  • Certified public accountants (CPAs) and financial experts — Financial experts can assist in determining the current and future value of retirement assets, 401(k)s, SEP plans, pensions, investments and deferred stock options.
  • Tax specialists — When dividing property, it is also important to take into account the tax implications involved. We work with tax specialists to determine future and current tax issues.

Our attorneys will coordinate the valuation of your marital property and work in tandem with the appropriate experts in order to ensure that you are provided with an equitable share in your divorce. We are experienced analyzing financial reports and valuations, and we are dedicated to providing each client with skilled advocacy through their complex property division matter.

Contact An Allegheny County High-End Assets Lawyers

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