Sophisticated Valuations Of Business Interests

If you or your spouse has any interest in a professional practice or ownership in a business, this asset may likely need to be valued and distributed as a part of the divorce. The Pittsburgh law firm of Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, P.C. has the advanced knowledge to determine valuations of these business interests in property division disputes, while preserving the integrity of the business or practice.

We have handled a wide variety of complex valuations including those for:

  • Doctors, lawyers, CPAs and other professionals in private practice
  • Owners, partners and stakeholders in technology, manufacturing, oil and gas companies, and a wide spectrum of other industries
  • Spouses of professionals or business owners

Accurate asset valuation is critical to an equitable property division. But complex valuations of a corporate entity, partnership or professional association require skill, professionalism and discretion. Our respected attorneys have appraised numerous multimillion-dollar businesses and practices for divorce clients in the Pittsburgh area, Allegheny County and surrounding counties of Western Pennsylvania. Call us toll-free at 412-471-8822 to arrange a confidential consultation.

Complex Valuations

We can work closely with CPAs and accountants who specialize in valuing professional practices and businesses. Our analysis includes diligent discovery of all documents reflecting the worth of the enterprise, the value of deferred compensation and perks, comparative values of similar businesses and practices, and the goodwill of the professional or key owner. We also consider the tax consequences associated with a possible transfer or sale of the business entity, if necessary. Once a value is established, we can discuss creative solutions to ensuring an equitable distribution of the marital estate.

Protecting The Business Interest

We are acutely aware that the issues from a personal divorce can ripple into the professional business or practice itself. Our lawyers are careful to ensure that the entity and confidentiality of the business, its records and its clientele are not compromised or affected.

Even if you or your spouse is not currently practicing, a professional license may be considered as an asset in a divorce or as an increased earning capacity in the determination of alimony.

If your divorce will involve complex valuation of a business, professional practice or sophisticated appraisal of any asset, contact Raphael, Ramsden & Behers today to arrange a discreet consultation.