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At Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, our attorneys have extensive experience in handling all types of abuse cases, whether you have been the victim of domestic violence or have been wrongfully accused of violence against a family member.


Adoption solidifies the adoptee’s place as a member of the adopting parent’s family, giving them all of the same rights and privileges as a naturally born heir.  In Pennsylvania, even an adult over the age of 18 years old can be adopted.  The attorneys of Raphael Ramsden & Behers can help you navigate Orphans Courts to finalize the adoption of the newest member of your family.

Child Custody Issues

One of the most critical and heart wrenching issues that a family can face is that involving the custody of a child.  Whether that child is your biological child, your grandchild, or a child that you have cared for as your own, nothing can be more terrifying than the thought of being separated from, or even worse, harm coming to, that child.

Collaborative Law And Mediation

At Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, we pride ourselves on being a family law firm, and as such, we believe that there are instances when divorce or familial conflicts can be resolved in an amicable and private setting, without Court intervention.  If you and the other party are amenable to open communications, compromise and elimination of, the time you spend in court, collaborative law or mediation may be the solution for your family during your time of transition.

Family Law Appeals

If you are not happy with the court's decision in your matter, the time you have to file an appeal is limited, and, if you do not meet the deadline, you could, and probably will, waive your right to appeal your case.  It is critical that you act quickly and file your appeal timely in order to preserve your rights, if you want the higher court to consider changing the decision of a lower court. 


At Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, we understand that divorce is not only a financial separation, but it is an emotional separation as well.   Separating the end of your marital partnership from the end of your legal partnership is a difficult and emotional task, which is why you need an experienced divorce attorney who can objectively advise you throughout the process of your financial separation, and the ramifications that it will have upon your family.    That is our job:  taking care of the business aspects of your divorce, so that you can focus your energy on personal matters.  

Support Issues

When the dynamics of a family change, so do the finances.   Sometimes, two incomes are reduced to one, or an income that was relied upon by the entire family may suddenly be eliminated.   These situations can impact the whole family in differing ways during and after the initial breakup of a family.   At Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, we can give you answers at every stage of this process. 

Wills, Estates And Probate

To complete our services as a family law firm, Raphael, Ramsden & Behers offers legal assistance with estate planning and estate administration.  We will work with your specific needs in preparing your Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney, and an Advance Health Care Directive (sometimes referred to as a Living Will), and even Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, if your situation calls for such documents.

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