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Abuse: Protecting And Defending

At Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, our attorneys have extensive experience in handling all types of abuse cases, whether you have been the victim of domestic violence or have been wrongfully accused of violence against a family member.   We believe that the issue of abuse is traumatic and painful enough, and that you should not be subjected to further abuse by the very process that is designed to protect you. 

Protection from Abuse matters - Pennsylvania law provides protection for victims of domestic violence, whether that abuse be physical, sexual or sometimes even emotional.  The remedy is a Court Order that bans any contact between the accused and the victim or victims – it is Family Law’s version of a Restraining Order.   In Pennsylvania Family Court, we refer to this as a Protection from Abuse Order, often referred to as a “PFA”, and that Order can be entered on the behalf of an accuser and/or a minor child, without regard to the sex of the plaintiff or the defendant.  In other words, PFA’s are available to both men and women.   

If you are the defendant in a PFA, it is important that you have a competent advocate on your side, as Pennsylvania provides an attorney for the Plaintiff (accuser), at no charge.  Also, if you violate a PFA Order, you may face criminal charges and even jail time.  Know your rights, as your accuser will likely have a licensed attorney in his or her corner fighting for his (or her) rights.   

Sometimes a Plaintiff (victim) in a PFA matter may choose to obtain private counsel, as opposed to a court appointed attorney.   If you, or your child, are a victim of domestic violence and wish to be represented by private counsel, you have that right.   At our family law firm, we are experienced in all areas of Protection from Abuse Law and will fight for you to protect your family.   

Dependency Court — Family matters often involve issues with children, and juvenile court may be involved in situations when a family member is accused of neglecting or abusing a child.    In such cases, the court needs to determine if the child or children have truly been abused in any way, and, if so, the best way to protect them from further abuse.   

In instances where you, as a parent, have been wrongfully accused of neglect or abuse, the prospect of losing the right to care for your child, or even to see your child, can be terrifying.   We can help you through this process.   The state has agencies and attorneys working for them to pursue its interest, and so should you as you strive to keep your family together.   We will work diligently and fight for the integrity of you and your family.   

If you are faced with any of these situations, call us at 412-471-8822 and secure the representation that you need to protect your rights and best interests of your family.    

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