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Child Custody Issues: When What Is At Stake Is Precious

One of the most critical and heart wrenching issues that a family can face is that involving the custody of a child.  Whether that child is your biological child, your grandchild, or a child that you have cared for as your own, nothing can be more terrifying than the thought of being separated from, or even worse, harm coming to, that child.    The experienced family law attorneys of Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, understand this, and are here to assist you in securing the best interests of the children in your life. We represent mothers, fathers, grandparents, and, in some cases, other third parties.   

While our attorneys always strive to obtain workable and practical child custody agreements that serve the best interests of the children involved, we stand ready to fight for your rights in court if an amicable resolution cannot be reached.

Our Pittsburgh child custody lawyers handle all aspects of custody at every stage of litigation, whether it be: 

  • Initial determinations of custody and partial custody; 
  • Modifications to a current custody arrangement or schedule; 
  • Rights of grandparents and/or third parties; or
  • Issues involving relocation, regardless of whether the other party is across the state, the country, or across the world.   

Our Pittsburgh custody lawyers are here for you! 

Custody in Pennsylvania involves both legal custody (decisions about the child's education, medical care and upbringing), and physical custody (where the child is physically present). In determining both legal and physical custody, a court must determine what is in the best interest(s) of the child, and our experienced lawyers can provide the guidance necessary to address these issues in a custody dispute.    

In addition to addressing the best interest of the child, there are times when other factors need consideration, such as parent relocation and the rights of a grandparent or other third party

Parental Relocation - A parent may want to relocate outside of the state or county with the children.  Often the proposed relocation may be something as minor as moving with the child to a different school district.    In such instances, there are procedures that the relocating party must follow.   It is important for parents to know their rights and obligations in this regard.   We at Raphael, Ramsden & Behers have been successful in assisting parents on both sides of the situation when it comes to this issue.  Don’t guess as to what you need to do; let us assist you.   Whether you are petitioning for or challenging relocation, we will provide you with the zealous representation  you need.

International Custody Disputes - Even more complex than having a child live across the state or across the country are instances in which the child or one of the parents are living outside of the country.   Very few Pennsylvania family law attorneys have experience with the Hague Convention rules governing child custody, in international custody disputes.   Our attorneys have this experience.   Needless to say, international custody disputes are complex and hotly contested.  Raphael, Ramsden & Behers has been involved in international custody cases in both state and federal courts.    Our expertise can minimize the confusion and provide you with the answers that you need going forward. 

Grandparents/Third Party Rights - More so than ever, we are seeing grandparents and, at times, other third parties in the midst of a contentious custody battle.   Many times a grandparent, or other third party, feels the need to step in due to less than ideal circumstances.  Pennsylvania law provides clear parameters as to when such an intervention is permitted.   Whether you are questioning your rights as a third party or feel that a third party is interfering with your parental rights, we are here with answers and can help you and your family face these troubled times.   

Whether your family is dealing with routine custody questions, one of the more complex issues described above, or something not mentioned, we are your one-stop resource for the answers to your child custody questions.   Call us at 412-471-8822, or email us to discuss your matter and get the answers that you need.

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