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Collaborative Law And Mediation: Out Of Court And In Your Hands

At Raphael, Ramsden & Behers, we pride ourselves on being a family law firm, and as such, we believe that there are instances when divorce or familial conflicts can be resolved in an amicable and private setting, without Court intervention.  If you and the other party are amenable to open communications, compromise and elimination of, the time you spend in court, collaborative law or mediation may be the solution for your family during your time of transition.

Raphael Ramsden & Behers has lawyers that have been specifically trained in these unique areas and are qualified to assist you with either of these options as an alternative to adversarial negotiations or litigation.    Whether you are a professional with a high net worth and a considerable estate, or you are of more moderate means, an out-of-court resolution, such as collaborative law or mediation, is available to you.

If you are in the Pittsburgh metro area, Allegheny County or surrounding counties in Western Pennsylvania, call us at 412-471-8822 to discuss collaborative law or mediation as an option in your family law matter.    We have the expertise and resources needed to help your family successfully get through this period of transition.

Collaborative Family Law - In a collaborative divorce, or in a collaborative proceeding of any nature, the parties enter into a written agreement to refrain from litigating, and each party is represented by an attorney trained in the collaborative law process.  The attorney’s role is to offer legal advice and guidance as you address issues related to your situation.   Such issues may include matters of property division, custody or financial support.   

The collaborative process eliminates the legal maneuvering and withholding of information that can be common in litigation.  Collaboration fosters an atmosphere of respect, compromise and communication to allow you to work through disputes between yourselves, as opposed to going to court and being “ordered” to proceed in a certain manner. The process often involves a full collaborative team that may include financial planners, tax accountants, and family counselors, and child custody experts, all of whom are trained to help you examine all of the ramifications of your legal matter, whether financial or emotional. 

Collaborative law can be successful if you are fully committed to moving forward without court intervention. If guided through the process correctly, collaboration has the potential to minimize the cost, the length and the bitterness of litigation, and it is almost entirely private.   

Mediation - Mediation is similar to collaborative law as it provides an alternative solution to litigation. A neutral mediator can raise issues or suggest common ground and facilitate discussions as you work toward agreement. Mediating can be an effective and cost-efficient path to navigating a divorce.

Several attorneys at Raphael, Ramsden & Behers are trained and experienced in divorce and family law mediation. We can serve as legal counsel to prepare clients for mediation with a third party, or one of our trained attorneys can serve in the mediator role.  Whatever your need, we can facilitate the process for you and your family. 

We are trained to give you the guidance that you need to proceed in either of these manners.   Call as 412-471-8822 and let us explain these options to you further, as one of them may be the best option for your family.   

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