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Wills, Estates And Probate: We Are Here For All Stages Of Your Family’s Life, And Beyond.

To complete our services as a family law firm, Raphael, Ramsden & Behers offers legal assistance with estate planning and estate administration.  We will work with your specific needs in preparing your Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney, and an Advance Health Care Directive (sometimes referred to as a Living Will), and even Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, if your situation calls for such documents.  

Estate Planning & Administration - At times of divorce, re-marriage, adoption, or the death of a spouse or parent, we encourage our clients to pay particular attention to their wills and estate plans.  The above events very often trigger the need to revise your estate plan, or create a plan if none exists.  This is especially true if you have minor children who will inherit your estate. Our services range from preparation of a “simple will”, power of attorney, and a “living will”, to the final administration of your loved one’s estate.  If you are named as executor of another’s estate, we can assist you in fulfilling those responsibilities as well.

Tax Consequences - Part of estate planning involves consideration of the federal and Pennsylvania estate and inheritance taxes.  While the federal government it taking steps to substantially reduce federal estate taxes, Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that still has an inheritance tax.  Failure to pay this inheritance tax promptly can result in a surprise debt long after the deceased has been laid to rest.  Past due inheritance taxes can result in a lien against the decedent’s real estate that will eventually need to be paid, even though title passes to the beneficiary.  

For more specific information on your will, your estate plan, or for assistance in the administration of an estate, please contact us for an appointment to discuss your specific situation.

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